Community Reforestation Model

Our approach ensures the preservation of local habitats, reduces

poverty, and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Plant trees. Offset Carbon. Improve Lives!


Why a community based model?

Project Governance

The most significant risk is that trees don’t survive their first dry season. Training and support is provided to ensure that all measures are taken to ensure that trees survive. Also to further mitigate this risk planting fees paid in installments 50% after planting and the balance the following year once replacement of any losses has been confirmed.
The project is supervised by volunteers and trustees in Nicaragua. Essentially, families are responsible for looking after the trees but supervisors realize site visits to verify planting and tree condition
Participants plant trees and in exchange they receive planting fees and receive free fruit trees. After 3 years they are able to start to commercialize the fruit crops from the trees planted, which generates a needed additional income in the community.