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Being Carbon Negative means that a person offset more carbon than they emit into the atmosphere.
If you’re carbon neutral it means that you offset all the carbon you put into the atmosphere. However, if you’re carbon negative this means that you offset more carbon than what you put into the atmosphere.
Planting trees is only one of the solutions to stop global warming. It is an effective way to buy us time to change to a more sustainable way of life. Planting trees also permits countries to have more time to stop their dependence on fossil fuels and adopt renewable energy.
Human activity is responsible for the deforestation of 3 triillion trees, this number is half of the trees that once existed in the world. Reforestation is necessary because it will allow the recovery of forests, helping the restoration of biodiversity and capturing CO2.
We based our calculations on a study conducted by… In this study is shown that a tropical tree can capture up to …
If you are interested in learning more about climate change, you can visit our Resources Module. In here you can find a series of articles, blogs, and scientific studies that will provide you with important information regarding climate change.
We based our calculations on a study conducted by world economic forum and the carbon… In this study it is shown that an average UK citizen has a carbon footprint of 8mt…


The donations received are used to fund tree planting and community projects in Nicaragua. Also, you can look at the work we do here.
We publish quarterly reports about the work we do and how the money is spent. You can find our reports here. We also have a section where you can see pictures, videos and the geolocation of the areas where we fund the tree planting programs.
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The most significant risk is that trees don’t survive their first dry season. So to mitigate this risk planting are fees paid in installments 50% after planting and the balance the following year based on the number of trees that have survived.